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  • Caravaggi, P., Matia, A. B., Taddei, U. T., Ortolani, M., Leardini, A., & Sacco, I. C.. Reliability of medial-longitudinal-arch measures for skin-markers based kinematic analysis. JOURNAL OF BIOMECHANICS, 2019.
  • SUDA, E.Y. ; Sacco, Isabel de Camargo Neves ; HIRATA, R.P. ; SAMANI, A. ; KAWAMURA, T. T. ; MADELEINE, P. . Later stages of diabetic neuropathy affect the complexity of the neuromuscular system at the knee during low-level isometric contractions. MUSCLE & NERVE, v. 57, p. 112-121, 2018.
  • SARTOR, C.D. ; OLIVEIRA, M. D. ; CAMPOS, V. ; Ferreira, J ; SACCO, I.C.N. . Cross-cultural adaptation and measurement properties of the Brazilian Version of the Michigan Neuropathy Screening Instrument. Brazilian Journal of Physical Therapy, v. 22, p. 222-230, 2018.
  • FERREIRA, J. P. ; LEAL, A. M. O. ; VASILCEAC, F. A. ; SARTOR, C.D. ; SACCO, I.C.N. ; SOARES, A. S. ; SALVINI, T.F. . Decreased muscle strength is associated with proinflammatory cytokines but not testosterone levels in men with diabetes. Brazilian Journal of Medical and Biological Research (on line), v. 51, p. 1-7, 2018.
  • GIACOMOZZI, C. ; SÁ ; TELLES, R. ; UCCIOLI, L. ; SACCO, I.C.N. . Ulcer-risk classification and plantar pressure distribution in patients with diabetic polyneuropathy: an exploration of the factors that can lead to foot ulceration. ANNALI DELL ISTITUTO SUPERIORE DI SANITA, v. 54, p. 284-293, 2018.
  • TADDEI, U.T. ; MATIAS, A.B. ; RIBEIRO, F. I. ; INOUE, R. ; BUS, S. ; SACCO, I.C.N. . Effects of a therapeutic foot exercise program on injury incidence, foot functionality and biomechanics in long-distance runners: Feasibility study for a randomized controlled trial. PHYSICAL THERAPY IN SPORT, v. 34, p. 216-226, 2018.
  • CARAVAGGI, P. ; ORTOLANI, M. ; MATIAS, A. ; TADDEI, U. ; LEARDINI, A. ; SACCO, I. . Reliability of skin-markers based measures of medial longitudinal arch angle. GAIT & POSTURE, v. 66, p. S8, 2018.
  • PEREIRA, IVYE LEITE; QUEIROZ, B.W.C. ; LOSS, J.F. ; AMORIM, C.F. ; SACCO, ISABEL DE CAMARGO NEVES. Trunk Muscle EMG During Intermediate Pilates Mat Exercises in Beginner Healthy and Chronic Low Back Pain Individuals. JOURNAL OF MANIPULATIVE AND PHYSIOLOGICAL THERAPEUTICS, v. 40, p. 350-357, 2017.
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