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The course is formatted in 31 modules of theoretical lectures, four modules for the participants’ poster presentations and technical visits.
The subject is addressed in a transdisciplinary way, to encompass applications in engineering mechanics (civil, mechanical, mechatronics, naval, offshore) and electrical engineering, starting from the fundamentals and mathematical modelling.
Participants will be exposed to state-of-art knowledge in the areas of the lecturers’ expertise. Participants will also get acquainted with the research infrastructure and opportunities in the field, at Escola Politécnica, University of São Paulo.
The course can also be assessed through the transmission of the Escola Politecnica Youtube channel.
The following topics will be addressed: fundamentals of dynamics; stability theory; bifurcation theory; dynamical integrity; structural reliability; asymptotic methods; nonlinear vibration modes; reduced-order models; nonlinear oscillators, nonlinear system identification, nonlinear control, nonlinear fluid dynamics; applications.